Pastor Bill Strope

Rev. Bill Strope is our Associate Pastor of Children. He is responsible for the spiritual development of congregants from birth through fifth grade, he provides pastoral care to children and families, and he  ensures a welcoming atmosphere that encourages outreach and assimilation of children and families into the congregation of WBG NAZ.

Pastor Bill has been a children’s volunteer at our church from 2011-2020. He was then hired to staff in January of 2020, where he currently serves. Prior to serving at WBG NAZ, he was a children’s pastor on the North Central Ohio District.

Pastor Bill can be found on Facebook at William.A.Strope and on Snapchat at William.strope1

If you have questions or concerns regarding Children’s Ministries please email him at .  

Pastor Bill and Laurice met at their Alma Mater, Olivet Nazarene University (Go Tigers!). They have three sons. Ashton, who lives in Morgantown, WV, and is attending West Virginia University, majoring in Biochemistry. At home is Aidan, who loves playing video games, and Logan, who loves all animals especially turtles, frogs, and snakes.

Pastor Bill’s favorite thing is teaching others about Jesus. His favorite color is orange, his favorite meal is anything Italian, his favorite music is Praise and Worship, his favorite movies are National Treasure 1 & 2, his favorite season is winter, his favorite sports are basketball (Go Wizards!), football (Go Browns!), hockey (Go Pens!), and baseball (Go Pirates!). His favorite school subjects are science and math.