"Here Wee Grow" Nazarene Preschool is based on the belief that we are an extension of the family.  We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children.  It is the school's responsibility to augment and support the values of the parents and home while the child is in our care.

Our goal is to provide quality care for your children in a safe, happy, healthy and intellectually stimulating Christian environment.

We believe that each child follows predictable stages of growth and development, but progresses through these stages at his/her own rate and in his/her own unique way.  Each child is God's unique creation and therefore has unique strengths and needs.  We build on these strengths and meet the needs by providing a wide variety of both teacher-directed and child-centered activities in math, science, social studies, art, music, language, creative movement, and Bible.  We also believe that each child learns by doing, especially during these preschool years.  Therefore, we plan instructional activities, special events, and experiences that are age appropriate and involve the child in active learning.

We thank you for sharing your family with us.