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Our mission:

To be a church where people are convicted, converted, consecrated, and completed in Jesus.

We are a church that strives to be a family for all who attend. We believe that faith is not about finding 'religion' but about forming a relationship with Jesus. We seek after holiness - to be Christlike. We are young and old, brand new believers and mature Christians...and we are all on the same journey together. Our church is over 85 years old, but we are always willing to try new things. Are you looking for a place where you will be accepted and welcomed? We would love to have you give this 'family' a try!

The Waynesburg Nazarene Family:

A story of God's amazing grace.

Waynesburg Nazarene's story is as unique as each of our own. The beautiful thing about our story is that God's grace and love are so deeply woven into the fibers of who we are that any success or prosperity we've experienced is a direct result of God's favor. We believe that all things exist and are being worked according to the triune God’s passion, pleasure and plan (Ephesians 1:11), which is the demonstration of His own intrinsic glory. And that God creates, calls, rescues, redeems, saves, restores, restrains and grants all to the end that He might be praised.